“You can not give up a life form, without changing to other one.” Jung

If you want to find half, forget the senses or intuition and let yourself guided by scientific discoveries. Specifically, teach “science of attraction”

It’s not easy to find love, but only because we do not know where and how to look for, making a lot of mistakes. At least so says Andrew Trees author of a book on the subject, in which, using an impressive variety of studies in various fields, such as economics, game theory and evolutionary psychology, we try deciphering the “code of love”. “We live in a very diverse world in which we are able to make multiple choices, it all depends on us,” said Trees

Time is limited for you. The pressure we feel in all areas of life. High rates of divorce and low birth rate speaks marital failure.

The rhythm of life is changing with us. And this inner announce individual and collective transformation. As late changes did occur after the sexual revolution. Birth control by abortion is still a sport the more educated women. Divorce rate increases from year to year. Marriage was replaced by cohabitation. Career women put on hold by delaying childbearing procreation. We are increasingly interested in defining and promoting own personalities. That is the world we are heading. A world hungry for more.

Choosing to think independently offers the chance to live consciously and fulfillment. And for that I invite you to clear your mind of what they tell others about what you have to do in life. Nobody knows what’s best for you. Events are created by you and exactly what you think about yourself. How do you see? Important or unimportant?

In conclusion, you should not run after someone, it will not lead to anything, just be patient and take advantage when the opportunity arises, let shyness stand up, be natural, be yourself.

How to Attract Boys

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