So you admire how all your buddies out there manage to get themselves girlfriends- huh? You may be too shy to ask them how they did it so you decided to lock yourself up in a room and negotiate your way to this page; well, you better bookmark this and more, because you sure won’t be disappointed.

You might be doing everything right, but in the wrong way or vice versa. Here, take a look at the major stuff you might be missing to score points; -

  1. Self-confidence and sufficiency are priceless. Don’t make looking for a girlfriend your life goal; you will come across as desperate. Just be confident and assured in everything you do, then the girls will notice.
  2. Now you got the girls talking, so set about to be useful to one particular one- the one you like and for good measure, her friends. You could lift something heavy for her, or even help her out of the car- some things are priceless to those ladies bro. Make your goal to be friends. When you make a good friend, then it is easier to upgrade.
  3.  If you haven’t yet locked yourself onto a target, then hang around many people, the more people you meet, the more chances you will land on the right girl. Don’t be very picky either- you might despise that old man across the fence yet he has a sparkling chic for a great granddaughter so be nice to everyone- they might earn you your day in the sun.
  4. Be smart and presentable. Physical appearance is important if you need to get noticed. Groom your hair, press your shirts and pants and just be cool.

If you are doing all these and failing, try Asking a Girl Out and ask.

how to get a girlfriend